Corporate Governance

EEI Corporation adheres to all the rules and regulations issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Philippine Stock Exchange. Particular emphasis is given in promoting transparency and fairness to all stakeholders in accordance to the highest precepts of Corporate Governance.

The interests of its shareholders and customers are of prime importance. Furthermore, the Company ensures that all shareholders, whether retail or institutional, are treated equally.

The Company received one of the best ratings in the construction industry in the recent ASEAN Corporation Governance Scorecard peer-review. It also received, for 5 consecutive years (2010 to 2014) an award for being among the Best of Asia in Corporate Governance.

Manual on CG

The Board of Directors and Management of EEI Corporation believe that corporate governance is a necessary component of what constitutes sound strategic business management and therefore commit themselves to undertake every effort necessary to create awareness and exact compliance therewith within the organization. EEI’s Manual on Corporate Governance institutionalizes the principles of good corporate governance in the entire organization.

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EEI Manual on CG

Code of Business Conduct & Ethics

The Code of Business Conduct and Ethics of the Corporation is a conglomerate wide commitment to doing business in accordance with the highest levels of ethical and legal standards. It covers all of the pertinent policies with respect to the conduct of business within the Corporation. It also lays down basic ethical principles and values as the framework for prudent decision making in all levels of the business. Moreover, it supplements the existing Corporate Governance Manual for the promotion of a culture of good governance.

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YGC Code of Business Conduct & Ethics

Annual Corporate Governance Report

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Corporate Social Responsibility

EEI has made it a point to assist communities where its projects are situated. All Field Operations Project Management Teams, aside from making it a point to employ the locals, get involved and consistently support the development programs, and assist in other livelihood, education, environment conservation, and sustainability projects of the community.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Enterprise Risk Management