Engineering Equipment and Supply, Co. (EESCO), the predecessor of present-day EEI Corporation, was incorporated as a machinery and mills supply house in April 17, 1931. In 1934, EESCO put up a modern machine shop fully equipped to handle general machine work, steel fabrication, welding and sheet metal work, and gear cutting. EESCO also fabricated coast vessels for the United States Navy but closed shop when the war broke out.


The Company expanded into steel fabrication, metal works, and shipbuilding. EESCO won contracts to fabricate bodies for garbage trucks for the City of Manila and to construct coast guard vessels, PT boats, and submarine chasers for the U.S. Navy.


The Company further developed its engineering shop facilities and had become a fabricator of storage tanks for oil companies, and also got involved in power development. In 1959 - EESCO’s major shareholdings were acquired by Benguet Corporation, the Philippines’ leading gold producer at that time.


In 1965, EESCO changed its name to Engineering Equipment, Incorporated (EEI). EEI’s Steel Foundry and Steel Fabrication Divisions were leaders in the industry.


It was in 1974 that the company expanded into three main operating divisions – Construction, Machinery, and Foundry. The Company then established its Overseas Division and made its foray into the Middle East and Southeast Asia.


As EEI celebrated its Golden Anniversary, it continued to expand its Steel Fabrication Division and its Overseas Division as it expanded its overseas construction activities to markets in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Several subsidiaries were formed: the shipbuilding and marine repair activities became EEI Marine Corporation; the recruitment activities to serve the growing manpower needs of the Overseas Division became Gulf Asia International Corporation; and the skills training activities became the International Training Corporation of Asia.

EEI Limited was formed to expand the overseas construction services; Plant Design and Management Corporation was created to improve the Company’s technology and engineering capability, as well as to tap international markets for engineering design services. The Foundry Division was transferred to Benguet Corporation in 1988.


More subsidiaries were established, including EEI Limited, which was designed to expand the Middle East and Asian markets for construction services. Significant during this time was the participation of EEI in the reconstruction of Kuwait after the first Gulf War. On April 14, 1992, Engineering Equipment, Inc. formally changed its name to EEI Corporation. One year later, the Yuchengco Group of Companies – one of the largest family-owned business conglomerates in the Philippines acquired Benguet Corporation’s ownership of EEI. In the same year, the Al-Rushaid Construction Co. Ltd. (ARCC) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was established through a joint venture between Al-Rushaid Petroleum Investment Company (ARPIC) and EEI Corporation

In 1994, another subsidiary – EEI Realty Corporation – was created, which was EEI’s entry into the real estate market. And in 1996, EEI acquired Philrock, Inc. and 20% of Subic Power Corporation from the House of Investments (HI) which were purchased through EEI shares. This resulted in making HI the majority shareholder of EEI, and in EEI becoming a subsidiary of HI. Three years later, the Company restructured its Machinery Division and spun it off as an autonomous subsidiary, which is now called Equipment Engineers, Inc.


EEI was already known as a pioneer Philippine contractor in the Middle East as it continued to acquire major projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. On the domestic front, the Company’s Steel Fabrication Plant was constructing pressure vessels and module assemblies for overseas clients, and was acquiring more high-rise building and infrastructure projects.


The Company accelerated its recruitment activities, strengthened its quality and safety standards, and reinforced its business fundamentals as its growth continued. On its 80th anniversary, the Company launched its “Going Green” and other Sustainability programs. In 2015, EEI Power Corporation moved into the power generation business as it forayed into renewable energy through its investments in wind power and solar power.

At Present

EEI subsidiaries include Equipment Engineers Inc. (EE), Gulf Asia International Corporation (GAIC), EEI Construction and Marine Inc. (ECMI), EEI Realty Corporation (EEIRC), EEI Power Corporation Inc. (EEIPC), and the most recent JPSAI Corporation established in 2016, which is involved in providing scaffolding and shoring services to the construction industry.

EEI takes pride in its quadruple-A rating as a General Engineering Contractor – the highest category rating for contractors issued by the Department of Trade and Industry.