Investor Relations

It is the policy of EEI Corporation to engage and dialogue with shareholders and institutional investors. Through Investor Relations, material information requirements for the investing public are fully disclosed to the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) as well as to the shareholders through the Annual Reports and the annual Stockholders' Meetings, one-on-one and group meetings with representatives from investment houses, conference calls, roadshows, website updates, e-mails and telephone calls with individual and institutional investors.

Stock Information

Quarterly high, low and closing prices of EEI Corporation

October - December9.167.757.95
July - September11.008.408.50
April - June12.3810.5011.00
January - March13.6010.5010.76


Total Outstanding Share / Information

As of July 18, 2018 02:12 PM

Number of Outstanding Shares1,036,281,485
Number of Treasury Shares119,901
Issued Shares1,036,401,386
Listed Shares1,035,084,197
Market Capitalization11,088,211,889.50
Par Value1
Foreign Ownership Limit40%
Year End EPS0.81
Year End EPS PeriodDecember 31, 2017 

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